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Download Class Roster


  • Download and sync roster from Blackboard
  • View registered students and their devices
  • It is highly recommended to sync your roster before your first class or quiz session

1. Select your course and click Open Gradebook. This is where you will update / view your roster and review quiz scores.

Download Roster - Step 1

2. Click Sync Roster to download your student roster list from Blackboard.

Download Roster - Step 2

3. Your course roster will begin downloading.

Download Roster - Step 3a

Click Close when finished.

Download Roster - Step 3b

4. Registered vs Unregistered Students

  • Student names in blue means they have registered their clicker device on Blackboard.
  • Student names in red means they have not registered a clicker device.

Download Roster - Step 4

5. If a student has a clicker device in class but have not yet registered it on Blackboard, they can still use their device to take a quiz. Once they register their device on Blackboard, click Sync Roster and it will update your Gradebook. You can do this in class right before starting a quiz.

Download Roster - Step 5a

Updates and changes since the last roster sync will be reflected, if any.

Download Roster - Step 5b

6. Important: Be sure to sync your roster multiple times during the semester as your students drop / add your course and register their clicker devices.

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