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How to Poll Your Students: Quizzing


  • Learn how to run a polling session in the classroom using any digital exam materials you may already have.
  • The simplest method is to create a PowerPoint slideshow with questions and multiple-choice answers that your students can view on the classroom projector.

1. Select a course and then click Start New Session.

Poll Your Students - Step 1

2. A toolbar will appear at the top of your screen. Open a previously created PowerPoint presentation.
Poll Your Students - Step 2

3. Begin your presentation as usual until you arrive at the first slide with a question.

Poll Your Students - Step 3a

Poll Your Students - Step 3b

4. When you are ready to begin your session, select the type of question:

Poll Your Students - Step 4

  • Multiple Choice (Default)
  • Numeric (Numerical responses accepted only)
  • Short Answers (Not advised)

Click Multiple Choice (default) to begin polling.

5. The frequency code that your students must select on their remotes will be displayed in a window. Click Close to start your polling session.

Poll Your Students - Step 5

  • This window can enabled or disabled under Settings > General > Show frequency alert message.
  • If you need to change the frequency on a remote, hold down the power button until the remote screen displays SET FREQ and type the code using the remote buttons (A,B,C,D,E).

6. The toolbar will start a timer and indicate the number of responses so far.

  • Click Multiple Choice (default) to stop polling manually.
  • If you set a countdown timer, polling will automatically stop once the timer ends.

Poll Your Students - Step 6

7. Click the graph icon or press the B (Show Results) remote button to show the results chart.

Poll Your Students - Step 7a

Poll Your Students - Step 7b

8. The results chart will show a bar graph of all the submitted responses.

Poll Your Students - Step 8

9.Grade on the fly”

  • Click the correct answer with your mouse cursor and the correct answer’s bar graph will turn green.

Poll Your Students - Step 9

  • This will automatically assign the correct point values to each student.
  • You can change the correct answer at any time while you have the results chart displayed.

10. Once you are finished with a question, click the graph icon or press the B (Show Results) remote button to close the results chart. Move onto the next slide or questions and repeat steps 4 – 9 until you are done polling.

Poll Your Students - Step 10

11. When you finish your polling sessions or presentation, close the toolbar to exit.

Poll Your Students - Step 11

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