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Setup iClicker Software


  • Prepare iClicker Classic software for first use
  • Add your course
  • Adjust your settings
  • Setup Blackboard integration

1. To add your course in the iClicker software, click on +Create.

Setup iClicker Software - Step 1

2. Type your course name. The name will be visible to you only. Click Create when finished.

Setup iClicker Software - Step 2

3. You will see your newly created course. Click on your course to select it and then click Settings.

Setup iClicker Software - Step 3

4. Under the General tab:

  • A – Instructor Remote ID: Type the 8-character alpha-numeric ID, located on the back of the blue instructor remote.
  • B – Welcome Message: An optional, short welcome message that your students will see on their clicker device.
  • C – Frequency Code: Radio frequency code to communicate with the student remotes. Leave as AA unless another instructor within proximity is using iClicker at the same time.
    Note: If you change to another frequency code, students will need to change the code on their remote.

Setup iClicker Software - Step 4

5. To add your course, select the Gradebook tab and then click Select Course.

Setup iClicker Software - Step 5

6. Type your Blackboard credentials, check Save my credentials and automatically log me in to my LMS, and click Log In.

Setup iClicker Software - Step 6

7. You will see a list of your Blackboard courses. Choose your course and then click Select.

Setup iClicker Software - Step 7

8. Verify that your course appears next to LMS Course. Under Export and upload options, choose if you want 0 point scores and absent scores to be counted as zero or null in your Blackboard Grade Center.

Setup iClicker Software - Step 8

9. Click the Toolbar tab to set size and timer options.

  • A – Customize Toolbar: Choose the toolbar size that will appear on your screen when administrating a quiz to your students.
    • Normal
    • Small
  • B – Polling Timer
    • Count up from 0 seconds – Polling does not end until manually stopped.
    • Count down from (min:sec) –  Sets a timer for each question and students must submit their answer before time expires or manually stopped.

Setup iClicker Software - Step 9b

10. Click the Scoring tab.

  • A – Participation Points
    • Assign session participation points and criteria for students to earn those points. Set to 0 if you do not want to give participation points.
  • B – Performance Points
    • Assign points for responding and correct responses. The default is 0 points for responding and 1 point for a correct response.
    • You can assign partial credit by assigning points for responding and points for the correct response. For example, if a question is worth 1 point, you can enter .50 in Points for responding and .50 in Points for correct response. This will give students ½ point for responding incorrectly, and ½ point for responding correctly. Each question is worth the total of both point values.
    • You can also set a maximum amount of performance points for each session by checking the Limit the total performance points earned in a session to a maximum of and entering a point value.

Setup iClicker Software - Step 10

11. Click Save when finished.

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