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Examination Integrity Policy

In this course, we use an Online Examination Integrity Software called Respondus . This is an automated proctoring system that records data about your testing environment, while you are taking an exam. This type of software is considered essential to ensure the integrity of the testing environment and assists the instructor with test taker identity validation.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a testing environment and all testing protocols must be adhered to, regardless of location. You are advised as a test taker to take every precaution and setup the testing environment to maximize success. This may include removing any distractions and sounds as excessive, unnecessary movements may compromise the integrity of the testing environment and result in an unsatisfactory grade.

All students are advised to carefully read the Examination Integrity Policy located in this course’s syllabus. The policy discusses details regarding use of the software program and its requirements. The software requires the use of a webcam (internal or external), microphone (internal or external), and identity verification using a valid photo ID (i.e. driver’s license, rowan id card, etc.).

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