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Incorrect Password Fix

If students are reporting the “password is incorrect” issue (Figure 1) when attempting to start a test in LockDown Browser, please do the following steps below. This workaround will allow students to take their test with LockDown Browser.

Figure 1 Enter Password Page – Password is Incorrect (from LockDown Browser)

Step 1: Locate the test in your course and click the chevron

Step 2: When the menu appears, select Edit the Test Options

Step 3: In the test options page, append the test’s name with additional characters. We recommend adding “Fall_2020_” to the test name.

Step 4: Click Submit to save the changes (not pictured).

Step 5: Next, go to Course Tools > Respondus LockDown Browser

Step 6: In the Respondus LockDown Browser dashboard, locate the test and click Fix It

After finishing the adjustments, have students go back to the test with LockDown Browser to try again.

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