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Captioning and Subtitles

Captioning services are available, either via using the auto generated feature in Relay or sending a request to Dylan Lewis: djlewis@csudh.edu

How to Generate Captions with Speech-to-Text

Learn how to leverage the built-in speech-to-text transcription feature to generate closed captions for a Knowmia (formerly known as Relay) video.

Open Accessibility Options

Accessibility Tab

Log in to https://csudh.techsmithrelay.com and click the Accessibility tab below your video.

Note: The Accessibility tab is not available for videos added via YouTube.

Generate Speak to Text Captions 

Click Add Caption Track, select Speech-to-Text, and click Apply.

Accessibility Options

The Accessibility section keeps track of the status, and an email is sent when the captions are ready for review.

Publish Captions

When the status says Ready for Edit, click the option menu and either Publish the captions directly to your video without reviewing them, or choose Edit to open the Knowmia Caption Editor.

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