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Post Presentation to Blackboard


  • Post a TechSmith Relay presentation video to Blackboard

  1. View your course in Blackboard and create a new content. Click the ➕ button and then click Content Area. Type a name, check Available to Users, and then click Submit.Post Relay to Bb Step 1

  1. Click the new content area > Build Content > TechSmith Relay.Post Relay to Bb Step 2

  1. Type a name for your video.Post Relay to Bb Step 3

  1. If you choose to enable grading for this video, select Yes under Enable Evaluation and enter a point value. This will automatically create a column in Grade Center.Post Relay to Bb Step 4

  1. A link with the name you entered in Step 3 will be created. Click the link.Post Relay to Bb Step 5

  1. There is no need to click Launch. TechSmith Relay will launch automatically.

  1. Click the Add Media button next to your video.Post Relay to Bb Step 7

  1. Your video will be now accessible by clicking the link from Step 5. Click the content area name link to go back to your regular course view.Post Relay to Bb Step 8

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