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Clicker Polling

iClicker Classic Software Screenshot
iClicker Classic Software

📵Need to review offline? Download the documentation packet.

Clickers refer to the student response system that allows instructors to transform their classes into an active learning environment by polling students in real-time. CSU Dominguez Hills uses the wireless iClicker response device.

How to Start Using Clickers in Your Classroom:

To receive an iClicker Instructor Kit and training, visit the IT Service Portal and request support by navigating to:

  1. Request Support
  2. Teaching & Learning
  3. Advising & Assessment Systems
  4. Clicker Support





iClicker Instructor Kit

The instructor kit includes: 
• iClicker base receiver
• Base AC power plug
• USB 2.0 cable
• Instructor remote (blue)
• Student remote (white)
iClicker Instructor Kit

Download iClicker Classic Software (Version 7.19)

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This software has been configured to work for CSU Dominguez Hills faculty users. Other versions from iclicker.com will not work unless configured correctly.


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