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Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor

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LockDown Browser can only be used for Blackboard exams. It prevents actions like printing, opening a new window, visiting a website, or accessing applications during an assessment.

If you require Lockdown Browser, students cannot access the quiz with a standard browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.).

Monitor requires students to have access to a webcam and a reliable internet connection and computer. It is imperative to check accessibility with your class before Monitor is enabled for an exam.

Downloading LockDown Browser

Students can download Respondus LockDown Browser for their Windows or macOS based computer at the following link:


If your test on Blackboard will require LockDown Browser, post the above link in your course so that students can have a convenient place to download and install the software on their computer. Students only need to download and install the software once.

LockDown Browser Instructor Setup

This next link covers the instructor setup process for Respondus LockDown Browser. Go through this step after setting up a test in Blackboard:

For more information on setting up a test, refer to “creating an exam,” in our tutorials page.

LockDown Browser Introduction Video

For students that are new to LockDown Browser, post this video to your course to familiarize them with the tool that will be used for their LockDown Browser required test:

LockDown Browser Student Setup and Test Taking Process

This video shows students how to download, install, and take a test, which requires LockDown Browser, using Respondus Lockdown Browser:

Feel free to provide the above video link to your students. Just in case, the video’s description has a copy of the software download link for Respondus LockDown Browser. Students can also review this process by downloading this PDF file.

For your reference, the above videos are put together in a short YouTube video playlist here:

Respondus Monitor

LockDown Browser has an additional feature called Respondus Monitor. Respondus Monitor acts as an automated proctoring tool which combines the use of a webcam with LockDown Browser.

IMPORTANT: Please verify that all students in your course have a webcam before enabling the Respondus Monitor feature in your LockDown Browser required test.

Respondus Monitor Setup

Below is a short video which covers the general setup process for LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor. The video will also display what the student will have to do before they take the test with Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor.

Note: When the video refers to a “Respondus Lockdown Browser Dashboard,” it is referring to this location in your Blackboard course:

Course Tools > Respondus LockDown Browser

Bb Course Tools


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